Mohit Bahl

Managing Director and Head, Behal Network

Mohit Bahl ‚Äď Motivational Speaker, Author, and Internet Entrepreneur.

Mohit Bahl has 12+ years of professional services experience serving clients in India, and around the globe. He has diverse experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, and Online Reputation Management Services.

Mohit Bahl is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. Started from zero at the age of 16 he now is all self-made. He is the founder of Behal Platforms, a tech-oriented company that focuses on multi businesses like FMCG, Marketplace, E-commerce, and many more, which are operated digitally.

He is also one of the best Digital Marketing Consultants in India. He is also one of the fastest-growing digital creators in India. He provides professional services in the field of Digital Marketing & UX/UI Design.