How to get a Google Knowledge Panel

Google knowledge panel was first introduced in 2012, and it helped Google users with authentic info instantly. The Knowledge Panel shows some interesting facts, pictures, reviews, and even social profiles related to your search query.  

It’s probably Google’s way of trying to provide you the information which you’re looking for faster, with fewer clicks and less reading. Because the Knowledge Panel visibility can build the branding of your Organization. But how does Google decide which search query deserves a Knowledge Panel? How Google get the information for its Knowledge Panels?

You’ll get the answer for all your questions soon. Basically, when you think of SEO, you might think of trying to drive traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs). Believe it or not, there’s more to optimize on a SERP than just the organic results.

There are two types of knowledge panels: brand and local.  Brand panels contain general entity information including social profiles, product descriptions, and the entity’s creation date, among others. Local panels is editable which contains locally focused details including locations, building addresses, reviews, posts and more.

You can’t command Google to edit or publish a brand knowledge panel for you, or suggest them on exactly what information to put in it, like in the case of Local Knowledge Panel. And I’m sure you all know how to get a Local Knowledge Panel for your Business.

Here, I’m going to discuss about how to get a Google Knowledge Panel for your Brand or Person. Well, truth is this that no one knows for sure.  Google hasn’t shared it publicly. And suppose if shared then will there be any use of this feature? No Na!

But wait we @Behal Network has researched and have came up with some solid ideas of where Google looks to find information to create and fill knowledge panels.

I will share each and every detail with you which will help you in getting a Knowledge Panel for Person or your Brand fastly. The process is simple but not easy definitely. But hard work along with smart work always pays.

So I will share some smart strategies to use which you have to follow, this includes setting up profiles and place data about your brand or Person, so that it can be tracked by Google more easily for creating a knowledge panel for your brand/Person. 

What Goes Into a Google Knowledge Panel?

There are two types of knowledge panels: local business, and business/personal brand panels. The difference between the two is that local business knowledge panels provide information such as location and opening hours, while branded knowledge panels give more of an overview of the company or person. Here’s an example of a our company’s local Knowledge Panel and Google’s own Brand Knowledge Panel.

how to get Knowledge Panel for Brand
Knowledge Panel for Brand

How to get Google Knowledge Panel for Brand

What Are the Benefits of a Knowledge Panel?

A knowledge panel conveys your trustworthiness as a brand and authority in your space, which are widely considered to be contributors to website traffic and conversions. From a more search-focused standpoint, the presence of a knowledge panel is an indicator that Google understands your brand and is able to extract and assemble data related to that brand. That deep understanding of your brand by Google is a major factor in your brand’s rankings on the results page. 

How To Get A Local Business Knowledge Panel

If you’re marketing a local business such as a restaurant, car dealership, law office, institution, or something similar, the first step is to create and verify a Google My Business account. Know how to Improve local SEO with Google My Business.

Most of the time, this is all the information Google needs to create a knowledge panel for your local business.

Its suggested to keep your Google My Business account updated with best possible details like opening hours, address, and phone number. It will help Google users use the information straight from your local knowledge panel. 

If you have had a Google My Business account for some time and still are not seeing a knowledge panel for your business, try implementing the steps below for how to get a branded knowledge panel. 

Now the most awaited question came…. 😀

How To Get a Knowledge Panel for Brand

Google frequently scrapes information from online databases, social profiles, and other websites when creating its knowledge panels.  Here are 5 databases we’ve identified that Google relies on to populate Knowledge Panel:

  • Google my Business
  • Wikipedia 
  • Structured Data
  • Freebase 
  • Wikidata 
  • Social Profiles

Compared to local business knowledge panels, you have to invest more time and do groundwork for a branded knowledge panel to show. Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting one:

Google My Business

Earlier we use Google+ account but as its now discontinued. Similar to local knowledge panels, it’s also mandatory to start by setting up a Google My Business account.


Creating a page for your brand on Wikipedia isn’t simple. We all can create a Facebook page, but not with Wikipedia, as it has some rules and you need sources to support your content.

Wikipedia can be done by following some important steps. You’ll notice that almost every knowledge panel for Brand mentions few lines from Wikipedia for the description and sometimes shows other important data like Incorporation Year, Current CEO, Year Founded and more…

We all know how much Google Trusts Wikipedia, its only because of its authentic information.


Wikidata is a large database of structured data that coincides with Wikipedia. Google calls upon  these data to fill in some of the data fields in your knowledge panel. Create an account on Wikidata to see if any information is available on your brand. If so, ensure that it is accurate, and if not, you can start adding in information such as the company headquarters, executives & founder(s), founded date, and more.

Buy Link: Get Wikidata Profile for your Brand or Person.

Structured Data

Structured data is another highly-recommended strategy, not just to prompt a knowledge panel, but for search engine optimization in general.

Structured data can be added to your website’s pages to summarize the most important information on that page.

Through structured data, you give Google easy access to your social links, logo, and brand information. Visit for more information about structured data.

Social Profiles

Creating and linking your social profiles helps. Also don’t forget to linking them with Google because that way Google will identify your profiles.

So Link your profiles and Pages and link it with Google Products like Google+ (Earlier), Youtube and Google My Business . This is the simplest way to share your official profiles to Google.

Now What to do?

As you can see, impressing Google enough that they’ll publish a knowledge panel for you requires going the extra mile.

However, doing so will be very useful to search users and could give you a major leg-up on your search competitors.

It should also be reinforced that applying the steps above do not guarantee a knowledge panel on a search results page, but individually, these steps are all worth the effort as they all contribute to healthy SEO.

If you don’t have time for working on these important factors than you can buy our Google Knowledge Panel Package where our team will help you getting all the above mentioned things for your Knowledge Panel for Brand or Person.

Good luck!  

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