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(1PCS) IGB20N60H3 IGBT 600V 20A 170W TO263-3 20N60 IGB20N60
Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is Brand:

Does not apply

Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, Ic: 2.4V @ 15V, 20A MPN:


Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 40A Package: PG-TO263-3
Current - Collector Pulsed (Icm): 80A Description: IGBT 600V 20A 170W TO263-3
Power - Max: 170W Number of Items: 1 PCS
Switching Energy: 690µJ IGBT Type: Trench and Field Stop
Input Type: Standard Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 600V

Does not apply

IGBT IGB20N60H3 (1PCS) 600V IGB20N60 20N60 TO263-3 170W 20A Transistors

home technology new ‘bullet-like aircraft’ revolutionizing business class flight

IGBT IGB20N60H3 (1PCS) 600V IGB20N60 20N60 TO263-3 170W 20A Transistors

new ‘bullet-like aircraft’ revolutionizing business class flight

the celera 500l is built with torpedoes in mind and will revolutionize business class flight. photo: auto aviation company

california: call it a gas-filled balloon, a pill, or an egg. but the new otto celera 500l can reduce air friction due to its shape and is capable of significant fuel savings.

it is designed by william otto jr. of auto aviation company, which flies at lightning speed, reducing air friction due to its unique shape. in addition, it can save extraordinary amounts of fuel. due to its unusual exterior design, the air above it flows very smoothly and also consumes less fuel.

thus, its efficiency is seven to eight times higher than other jets. a typical aircraft of the same size costs 21 2,100 an hour, while a new bullet-shaped aircraft costs only 8 238. the first prototype can seat six passengers and has a maximum speed of 460 miles per hour which can go up to 4500 miles once refueled.

william says he built the plane after seeing a torpedo, a popular conventional weapon for submarines. under its design, it removes air friction and drag. compared to aircraft of exactly the same size, the frictional force on it is reduced by 59%. overall, it is 80% efficient and produces diesel as a fuel.

it is fitted with a v12 diesel engine which is fitted with a number and in future it will be possible to run the engine on hydrogen or electricity.

dozens of test flights

the first model of the celera 500l was unveiled in 2018 with 50 test flights, but so far a maximum speed of 251 miles per hour has been achieved and it has been flown up to 17,000 feet. in the next phase, a powerful engine will be installed which is expected to reach an altitude of 40,000 feet.

according to the company, the first aircraft will be offered for sale by 2025.

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