Why your Instagram Verification application get rejected via the app?

Getting Verification on Social media is like getting Visa nowadays. Isn’t it?

Each Social Media have their own eligibility criteria, requirements, and policies. Facebook and Twitter not openly accept new Profiles. Because of this, there is a big Black Market where people sell badges from few dollars to thousands of dollars. They even provide 100% moneyback guarantee & complete refunds. No doubt, 99.9% of them are a fraud and will never provide you a verification badge.

To avoid this Instagram came with new update where everyone can fill the form from the Instagram app for verification. But, People got rejected from the app.

Do you know why? First, let’s know about Instagram Verification and how everything works…

About Instagram Verification

A verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile.

According to the official page for Instagram Verification. The verified badge on Instagram is meant to be an indicator of noteworthiness. Under “what is a verified badge”, verified Account means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

How to Apply for Verification
Instagram Website Screenshot

In order to request verification, you need to meet the eligibility requirements and your profile should be complied with their Policies.

You may know how to apply for verification from the app. If you don’t know, here are the steps for applying Instagram Verification from your own.

To apply for it, log in on the account you want to verify and tap the burger button (the three stacked lines.) Tap settings, and then tap request verification. You’ll be asked to provide your full name and ID based on the entity you’re verifying.

Once you submit a verification request, Instagram will review your account and make a determination whether or not you should be verified. Approved or denied, you will receive a notification in the app with the results. If you are denied, you can send another request after 30 days have passed.

This is something that you may already know but you may don’t know their requirements.

Instagram Verification Requirements

So what does Instagram look for when they’re considering whether or not to verify an account? Here’s a brief list.

Your account should comply with the terms of service and community guidelines. – The Instagram terms of service and community guidelines are complex documents, but they basically just govern the kinds of content you can post and the behaviors you can get away with. Read them, internalize them, and don’t try to push them.

Your account should represent a real, authentic person, entity, or business. Instagram will not verify a profile representing a fictional character, a fake person, or a business that doesn’t exist.

Your account should be a unique presence for the entity it represents. Only one Instagram profile can be verified per business.

Your account should have real Engagement Instagram will not verify a profile who has low engagement in your profile. Low engagement shows that you are not Notable right now.

Note: Don’t buy or use fake services like bots likes, followers and views. Your profile can be banned and forget about verification.

Your account should be public. Private Profiles cannot be verified. Only public accounts can have that little tick mark, and if you have it and go private later, you can lose it.

Private Account on IG

Your account is complete. If you’ve left your profile photo blank, your photos without captions, or any other sign that you don’t really care about using Instagram, you can bet they aren’t going to verify you.

Your account cannot promote social media services. Specifically, services they don’t approve of. This can be anything from a simple “follow me” in your profile bio to links that promote a site to buy followers.

Your account should represent someone noteworthy or well known. This is the most fickle requirement: Instagram only verifies profiles with a certain level of notoriety. The key term in their requirements is “global brand” here. You should have some media coverage as well as some Online PR.

It’s also worth noting that if you attempt to streamline, bypass, or otherwise subvert the verification process by providing false information, Instagram will deny your request. If they verified you and discover that the information you submitted was false, they will remove your verification badge, and they may potentially delete your account as punishment.

Why Your Verification Request Was Denied

Now let’s get to the meat of the discussion. You’ve applied and you were denied. Why was your request for verification denied via the app, and what can you do about it to increase your chance of success in another 30 days?

  • Make sure you comply with the terms of service and community guidelines.
  • Avoid misusing hashtags, avoid spamming people, avoid posting content that skirts the line, and so on.
  • Make sure you’re not an unofficial account. 
  • Make sure your profile is filled out and active. 
  • Make sure you’re not promoting a business Instagram doesn’t like. 
  • Make sure you’re noteworthy enough as an entity. 
  • Your follower count doesn’t matter. I’ve seen accounts with under a thousand followers get verification, and I’ve seen accounts with millions not be able to get verified.
  • Aim for a global presence. A lot of small businesses aren’t going to make the cut, even if you’re a more or less national brand.
  • Don’t try to verify a startup just based on a successful Kickstarter or a round of venture funding. Wait until you’ve earned a position on a few news cycles and have a product available with a popular following.

Those are a few basic pieces of advice that can give you an idea of what Instagram is looking for. They want to verify the big players, not the little brands looking for a little marketing boost.

  • Make sure you’re not changing your information. Any major change to your account name or identifying information is an indication that you may have sold an account or otherwise gave it to someone else. You can change your profile picture, your bio, and so on, but don’t change your branding. Make sure it’s always clear you are who you say you are. You cannot get verification and then change your information to sell a verified account.
  • Make sure you have enough Media coverage.
  • Make sure you’re not using fake services Instagram doesn’t mention it, but you can boost your chances of success by making sure to use and promote Instagram elsewhere. Linking to your Instagram profile from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other major accounts is a good start. Likewise, link to your Instagram account from your website, and embed your posts in your blog occasionally. Basically, just prove that you’re using and promoting Instagram as much as you can be.

Buying a Verification tick with 100% moneyback

Many People get trapped by the black market. You will find hundreds of Instagram Badge providers on social media and search engines… They provide complete surety and some also provide 100% guarantee.

The most amazing thing, they assure you that you will get verified in 7 days because of links in Instagram. Please don’t think Instagram can be fooled easily and this is not a single man process.

See, Instagram has taken steps for getting verified like coming up with a verification request in-app to control this black market. But still people get scammed because they want to get verified in few days.

See what Instagram officially says here in this screenshot.

We all want to get verified. Right? All I would suggest you to follow their Eligibility requirements. Slow and study wins the race. This is the organic process and we should understand it takes time.

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