Top social media marketing platforms for brand awareness in 2022

As we know that today is the era of social media. That means your business won’t be able to hold top positions in the competition without making the most favorable circumstances to market your product on social media networks.

It is actually complicated to find a person nowadays who has not perceived or does not use any of the famous social media platforms of the day. The same thing can be pronounced about extreme businesses.

No issue if your company deliver up smartphone accessories or produces anti-aging skincare products, it requires to tackle the capability and flexibility of social media.

While your company may gain profit by using social media services to be in contact with buyers and popularize your products, those services can also be used to build up and enhance brand image.

Social media provides some important benefits to a brand or businesses that operate from both online as well as offline:

  • It gives an approach to allow your users to attach to your company online.
  • It supports in grasping more traffic to your site and thus gaining more profit.
  • It provides the spot buyer necessary awareness about the brand and its stock or services.
  • It allows your brand, establish and make more powerful relationships with customers.

Social media marketing is not as simple as just posting content frequently. It takes a lot more effort than that. And, that is accurately the reason why some brands do more excellent than others on the social media platform.

The brands that have attached their social media marketing know that the unrevealed to success on social media is knowing your target audience and targeting them efficiently. So, you don’t just want to post frequently, but also assure that your content is appropriate to your target audience.

And, if you look at the most outstanding social media marketing examples, you will see that the common subject matter is content that reverberates with the target audience.

Even if you are an experienced social media marketer, a marketer looking to gamble into social media marketing, or a business holder looking to effect on social media, it is beneficial to know the most well-known social media sites everywhere. This will admit you to expand your brand reach on social media, involve with the right people, and bring about your social media objectives.

Without a doubt, it is not only about the range of social media sites. It is also either the social media site is a right suitable for your business and you or not. Does it appropriate for your brand image? Is your target market using that social media site? How many social media sites can you maintain at once?

To make things straightforward for you, I would like to share some research and assembled information about the top social media sites in 2020.

These social media sites might prove remarkable for your brand. So here are the most popular 6 social media platforms of 2020:

1. Facebook (2.45 billion users):

Facebook is a great social media platform all around the world, with more than two billion people utilizing it every month. That’s nearly a third of the world’s population. There are over and above 65 million enterprises using Facebook Pages and more than six million organizers passionately encouraging their business on Facebook, which makes it quite safe money gambled if you want to have an existence on social media.

It is simple to activate on Facebook because approximately all content format works huge on Facebook — text, images, videos, live videos, and Stories. But keep in mind that the Facebook algorithm computes content that inspires conversations and significant interactions between people, especially those who are from family and friends.

In addition, remind to make perfect your content for mobile as 94% of Facebook users approach Facebook via their mobile app.

2. YouTube (1.9 billion users):

Apart from being the second greatest social media site, YouTube i.e. owned by Google, is also usually known as the largest video search engine by Google. So if you desire your brand to be on YouTube, I recommend that you should be reading up on YouTube SEO.

Beyond any doubt, you can also advertise on YouTube to enhance your reach on that platform.

YouTube is a most useful video-sharing platform where users spending a billion hours watching videos every day. To get initiated, firstly you can establish a YouTube channel for your brand according to your brand specifications. After the creation of a channel then you can upload videos on it for your subscribers to view, like, comment, and share.

3. WhatsApp (1.5 billion users):

WhatsApp is a favorable messaging app that is used by people in over 180 countries. Originally, WhatsApp was only used by people to contacting and interacting with their family and friends. Increasingly, people initiated communicating with businesses via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has been building up its business platform to admit businesses to have a suitable business profile, to administer customer strengthen, and to distribute updates with customers about their investment.

For small businesses, it has created the WhatsApp Business app even though for medium and large businesses, there is also the WhatsApp Business API. There are available many stories of how businesses have been using WhatsApp for their profit nowadays.

4. Messenger (1.3 billion users):

Messenger used to be a messaging component within Facebook, and since 2011, Facebook has built Messenger into a standalone app by itself and extremely broadened its characteristics.

Businesses can now publicize, create chatbots, send newsletters, and many more on Messenger. These characteristics have given businesses an endless of new ways to employ and connect with their customers.

If you are thinking about utilizing Messenger for your business, then you have to learn different ways by using those you can use Messenger for your business marketing.

5. WeChat (1 billion users):

WeChat expands from a messaging app, just like WhatsApp and Messenger, into an all-in-one stage. In addition, messaging and calling, users can presently use WeChat to shop online and compose payment offline, transfer money, make reservations, book taxis, and many more.

WeChat is most famous in China and some particular parts of Asia. If you are doing business in those areas where social media platforms like Facebook are outlawed, WeChat could be a good option.

6. Instagram (1 billion users):

Instagram is both photo and video sharing social media application. It grants you to share a broad range of content such as photos, videos, stories, and live videos. It has also currently started IGTV for videos of longer-form.

As a brand, you can have an Instagram business or creator account, which will furnish you with rich analytics of your profile and posts and the capability to plan time for Instagram posts using third-party tools.

So these are the top social media marketing platforms for brand awareness in 2020 and now it is over to you, that which platform is well suitable for your brand.

Nevertheless of the ring of the social media platforms, it’s most essential to deal with either your brand’s target market is active on that social media platform or not. The largest social media platforms, like Facebook, bears to cover a broad range of interests and topics, which makes it acceptable for most brands.


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